From Memorial Crossing

by Pumajaw

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    The first album we recorded together mixes found sounds, electronic and acoustic songs.
    Includes versions of 'Sycamore Trees', written by Angelo Badalamenti and 'I'll Shoot the Moon' by Tom Waits.

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Recorded in 2000 and was originally released under the name Pinkie Maclure.


released June 8, 2000



all rights reserved


Pumajaw UK

UK duo Pinkie Maclure & John Wills have recorded 7 albums of alternative torch songs, dark ballads and electronica.
'Timeless, extraordinary' Mike Barnes, The Wire

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Track Name: Sorcery
Desire is a little tease, drink it long and deep, it's sorcery
And your breath's hanging in the air as the rain breaks over you
It has the rhythm of fingertips and it drips
From your lashes like tears
It's sorcery.
Track Name: Frozen in Sleep
Summer left like an old friend, lost when the clocks changed, only dark days drawing in now. Springtime, trapped in her slumbers, paralysed in her chrysalis, why don't the seasons change any more?
Here, where my breath hangs in the air and the sun is always low, winter clings on to me, winter gripping onto me now.
Frozen, frozen in sleep, till you hold me close again and the sun filters through.
Track Name: Blue Rose
Nights I dream of you, you're bathed in blue, captured like a frozen flame. Climb in, unburden me, my heart gets heavy through and through.
Blue rose.

Mosquitoes sing like poison darts, their voices piercing through the dark,
Soothe me and silence them and wrap your wisdom round my head.
Blue rose.
Track Name: We Spin
In the darkness we are equal and our fingers have lives of their own,
We don't lie
Nothing moves forward, nothing moves back - it spins.
In the twilight the world gets wider and our fingers reach deeper and higher
We don't die - we spin.
Track Name: Memorial Crossing
Seems like some of us are born running
There's always something glowing in the distance
Wish I could stop and grind to a standstill
Wish I could stop, wish I could stay at the foot of the hill
But the answers always smile from a distance
Time and again, glowing in the distance.
Are our best years just spent wishing?
Time and again, time and again,
Lord, please don't say that.
You open the doors, they spring back in your face
You clamber the stairs, but you're sliding, sliding back down
Are our best years just spent wishing?
Lord, don't say that.