This Day and Age

by Pumajaw

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Originally released under the name 'Lumen', this electro-acoustic album was recorded just before we changed our name to Pumajaw, but it's still one of our best.


released January 4, 2003



all rights reserved


Pumajaw UK

UK duo Pinkie Maclure & John Wills have recorded 7 albums of alternative torch songs, dark ballads and electronica.
'Timeless, extraordinary' Mike Barnes, The Wire

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Track Name: Betrayed
Betrayed, you are betrayed, by your own shadowy eyes
They give away everything you hide in your deep pockets
I stand, appearing to be dazzled, but the shadows are my friend
and they will be your end, in the end, in the end.
Your self-contradictions are your destruction
In the end.
Your portholes, your peepholes, your peepshow
Your nakedness under your veil.
Betrayed, you are betrayed
By your own shadowy eyes
They give away everything
They give away things.
Track Name: Dust Won't Lie
The years slide by, the cars crawl by, like a chain of sorrow now.
And the dust won't lie, the dust won't lie.
The trees bend low, the footsteps slow, where the long grass grows
There's a place to go where the dust won't lie.
Track Name: Stranded
Words cannot go there
I am stranded in language
Wrestling sounds
I am stifled in this world
Let me buy time and space, not goods
For all this thinking I have to do.
All my voices, nagging voices,
Where will they go when I can't keep them inside any more?
Cannot go there.
Track Name: The Killer
I'm wriggling out of the traps
That have been so daringly laid
Years of obsession have built perfection
Oh and perfection, you know, is the killer.
Your mind, your mind.
When you have found your path, you walk and you walk and you walk
Till you long for the maze, the maze,
That teases and tantalises
Your mind, your mind, your sleeping mind.
Your mind finds corners leading to gardens of time.
Track Name: Harbour Song
I was born into the hands of fate
Some hands were slippery, some hands were kind
In love and trouble I have my spies
And I can watch the waters rise.
The light is creeping along the harbour wall
The island fading until the dawn birds call and fall
Let's climb the stairs up to the hits
Where we can watch the waters rise.
Track Name: All the Way to Greenland
There's a winter migrant whose bitten me, smitten me
He's fluttering and flattering and playing with me
He's a rare visitor in the summer months
So I can't help it when I'm lured into his midnight wing
Into its love songs
Into its night songs
Go on, fly back to Canada,
I'll be tracking you, my friend,
And all your wise and wicked ways
All the way to Greenland.
Track Name: In the Barricades
I'll put you in the barricades
Until you learn to pile up
Stones and sticks
Against your weaknesses.

All those bigmouths, with their little minds,
They flash their hands around,
While we stand around.

Don't eat that pie, that humble pie
Don't eat that or you'll die.
It's now - it's now -
Or you'll be sleeping while they lie
Sleeping while they lie.
Track Name: The Weird Light
When I open my eyes, I can see you
Standing at the edge of dawn
Staring out at the weird light
At the weird light in this place.

I can touch you with my finger
Where the frost blooms on the glass
My eyes play tricks, but how it sticks
Like knives in amongst the grass.

I came and I stood beside you
We stood like a wall of longing
Our hearts, our hearts all bandaged up, we stood
Shouting at the sky.
With the weird light, with the weird light
Playing tricks on our eyes.
Track Name: Pearls
Indigo violet dusk
It takes the whole town in its arms
The streets are blushing with wine and berry blood
First there's a drop, then there's a flood
Then there's a flood.

And over the years, the rain splutters in
To the days and the colours and the rooms of our lives.
Wash it all away
In a trail of pearls and mud
First there's a drop, then there's a flood
A flood of tears
Like pearls.