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    Compilation CD released in 2009, 15 favourite tracks selected from our first four albums (From Memorial Crossing, This Day and Age, Cat's Cradle and Becoming Pumajaw)
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Compilation album released in 2009. A selection of some of our favourite tracks from our first four albums, From Memorial Crossing, This Day and Age, Cat's Cradle and Becoming Pumajaw.


released October 10, 2009

Pinkie Maclure - Voice, words, concertina, field recordings, keyboards.
John Wills - Production, programming, guitar, samples, keyboards, field recordings.



all rights reserved


Pumajaw UK

UK duo Pinkie Maclure & John Wills have recorded 7 albums of alternative torch songs, dark ballads and electronica.
'Timeless, extraordinary' Mike Barnes, The Wire

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Track Name: Harbour Song
I was born into the hands of fate, some hands were slippery, some hands were kind, so kind. In love and trouble I have my spies and I can watch the waters rise. The light is creeping along the harbour wall. The island fading until the dawn birds call - and fall. Let's climb the stairs up to the highs, where we can watch the waters rise.
Track Name: The Weird Light
When I open my eyes I can see you standing at the edge of dawn, staring out at the weird light in this place. I can touch you with my finger where the frost blooms on the glass. My eyes play tricks, but how it sticks, like knives in amongst the grass. I cam and I stood beside you, we stood like a wall of longing. Our hearts all bandaged up, we stood, shouting at the sky, with the weird light, the weird light, playing tricks with our eyes.
Track Name: Sorcery
Desire is a little tease, drink it long and deep, it's sorcery. Your breath's hanging in the air when the rain breaks over you, it has the rhythm of fingertips, it's so warm and it drips from your lashes like tears. It's sorcery.
Track Name: Buttons
Once upon a wickedness, I fell into some arms, bigger than my belly, tighter than a clam. The keys were heavy in my little purse and every penny burned, when I turned and tried to run, These buttons don't fit, woe, woe, woeful me. Is it halfway open? Is it halfway shut? It all depends how the cloth is cut. On the warp or on the weft, till the shortest thread is all that's left. These buttons don't fit, these holes don't fit, woe, woe, woe, woeful me, woeful me.
Track Name: Downstream
I meet my love on the riverbed, he is as sweet as the sundew to me, he lies in the murky depths, till we meet downstream.
Track Name: The Bending Wood
There's a knocking in your heart with knuckles bare, now. Deep behind your dewy eyes the longing stares out. The footsteps on the groaning stair come like a wing and each one sparkles upon the bending wood. How, how, how your feet get left behind, how, how, how, it rises in your mind, how, how, how, it's falling in like waves, how, how, how, it's humming in your ears and it sparkles upon the bending wood. Here the shadows lurch around in the hot and cold gusts, the faces carved into the ancient yew smile, even in the deepest night its roots are warm arms, beckoning. Lord, lord, lord, we're all alone....
Track Name: We Spin
In the darkness we are equal and our fingers have lives of their own, they don't lie, they spin, we spin. In the twilight, the world gets wider and our fingers reach deeper and higher, we don't die, we don't, we spin.
Track Name: Memorial Crossing
Seems like some of us are born running. There's always something glowing in the distance. Wish I could stop and grind to a standstill, wish I could stop, wish I could stay at the foot of the hill....but the answers always smile from a distance. Time and again, time and again, are our best years just spent wishing? Time and again - lord, don't say that. You open the doors, they spring back in your face, you clamber the stairs and you're sliding, sliding back down, and still the answers smile from a distance, time and again, glowing in the distance, are our best years just spent wishing? Lord, don't say that, lord, don't say that.
Track Name: I Take the Long Way Round
This is the time when trees come down, make you turn and take the long way round, down to the sea with its tilting moon, where the wind is a fiend and the night time steals the afternoon. I take the long way round...I try to keep my mind as broad as the firth, but I find sometimes it's as bleak as the hills. You can watch the world through the bubble of a glass, or you can join the searchers on the road. But it's a long way round.
Track Name: Outside it Blows
Outside it blows. How many like us in the world? How many worlds without wires? The dawn is such a fickle friend, with its deadly devices, it's such a cruel world that hypnotises us. The air breathes cold on the hairs on your neck. It turns the ground to cellophane. You can cry for the past and you can taste the future.
Track Name: Frozen in Sleep
Summer left like an old friend, lost when the clocks changed, only dark days drawing in now. Springtime, trapped in her slumbers, paralysed in a chrysalis, why won't the seasons change any more? Here, where my breath hangs in the air and the sun is always low, winter clings onto me, winter gripping onto me now. Frozen in sleep, till you hold me close again and the sun filters through.